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Many sole traders and SME’s struggle to maintain profitability in today’s economy, with increasing red tape and documentation requirements taking them away from the actual business of working and making money. Our GDPR compliance checklist is a cheap way for you to work through of all the things that are required for GDPR compliance, without having to spend hours and hours trying to first of all understand the legislation, then become an expert on cyber security requirements, before finally attempting to practically implement both!

The checklist covers:

  • Legal Principles and Rights;
  • Physical security requirements;
  • IT: cyber security, CMS systems, document management & storage and websites;
  • Personnel; and
  • Contracts

We also provide a 30 minute consultation to get you started, explaining how to work through the checklists. This package is ideal for smaller businesses. It will take you time to work through it, and some aspects of GDPR compliance may be confusing, therefore the package also includes 3 months of reasonable e-mail assistance.

We are offering our GDPR compliance checklist for an introductory price of £250 during the Christmas period. Please contact us for more details.